Month: November 2011

The Greybeard Chronicles, Thanksgiving 2011: I Have Never Journeyed Alone

Dateline: Mobile, Alabama, Thanksgiving Day, 2011 And so it was in my fiftieth year, I spent my very first Thanksgiving Day alone. Some of my fondest memories, both from childhood and adulthood, center on this day. The sweetest people I have ever known, the finest food I have ever eaten, the best football I have ever seen were all on Thanksgiving Day. There have been touch football games on the street, ping pong tournaments in the church youth center, cat naps on the couch, and furious comeback victories in Texas stadium…all on Thanksgiving Day. [hr] It is possible, they say (whomever “they” are), to be alone and not be lonely. It is also possible to be lonely and not be alone. [hr] So today, my heart is overwhelmed with joy and my eyes so brim with tears, I can scarcely see the keyboard– Yes, I still peek at the keys when I type, but try to focus on what I’m really saying, will ya?– because today, my wife and kids will join my mom, my siblings and my siblings’ kids at my brother’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving…without me. My wife’s parents will be in Seattle, celebrating with my brother-in-law and his precious family. My sister-in-law and her bunch will all be together, celebrating my way-too-cool great nephew’s recent arrival. And I will be here in Mobile…headed to Cracker Barrel. But I...

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The GreyBeard Chronicles: Choices and the Men Who Make Them

I do not choose this road I take; It chooses me by the choices I make. ~Yours Truly This morning, I woke up thinking about my life. Where I am. What I’m doing. Where I should be. I thought about the difficult correlation between the sovereignty of God and the free will of a man. I thought about how much we make our own destiny and how much that destiny is chosen for us. Would I have been here, right here, no matter what? Could I have been– and done– differently? Was this preordained? Does it matter? I hate not knowing. But I hate people so cock-sure of what they “know” even more. Why is it so hard to admit we don’t know something? I especially hate seeing that kind of intellectual pride in a Christian. A truly intelligent person will see the ignorance in that kind of thing and find it repulsive. I do not know how God can be absolutely sovereign, yet sin can exist and God is not the author of sin. It defies my power of reason. I do not understand how God’s sovereignty and man’s free will abide together. Is it so hard to admit that a finite being such as yourself and such as I can find it impossible to know the mind of the Infinite One? Is it so beyond the realm of reason...

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