Month: October 2011

Almost is the Bitterest Pill of All

source site Almost is the bitterest pill of all. Just ask the Texas Rangers. If the Rangers fail to win game seven of the 2011 World Series tonight, they will go down in the long and storied history of Major League Baseball as the team that came the closest to turning “almost” into “we did it.” Not once, but twice the Rangers had the St. Louis Cardinals down to their last strike. Not once, but twice they took a two-run lead into what could have been the last inning. The Texas Rangers almost ended a half-century drought. Almost. But they lost....

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The Greybeard Chronicles: Small Minds, Large Appetites

I am in a McDonald’s…in a mall…in Mobile, Alabama. A girl with vacant eyes waits rather impatiently behind the counter for me to decide. “I will have a Number Two, please.” For the uninformed, that is two small cheeseburgers, fries and a drink. “Medium or large?” “I’m sorry?” Might have been a slight eye roll from the order-taker about here. Not sure. “Do you want a large Number Two or a medium Number Two?” “What about small?” “We don’t got small: Only medium and large.” Don’t do it, Gene. Let it go.  “You know, technically, you cannot have a...

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“Gimme a ‘B’! Gimme an ‘S’!” This Blogger Takes on Corporate Greed and Customer Satisfaction

We interrupt regularly-scheduled programming to call BS on a few business items of local and international interest… ♠First, the “Occupy Wall Street” movement and all the rancor over corporate greed is BS. Surely, by now, you have seen the doctored photo that pretty much says it all? If not, here it is:                 ♣Second, I would like to call BS on what passes for corporate benevolence and generosity. Don’t you love it when the place you work sells you t-shirts, charges you to dress comfortably, shames you into supporting this cause or...

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The Greybeard Chronicles: Will You Carry On, Sir?

“Will you carry on, sir?” I am standing at the American Airlines ticket counter in Mobile, Alabama, getting my boarding pass so I can fly home to Dallas/Fort Worth for just the second time in nearly five months. Ordinarily, I would use the electronic check-in device, swipe my debit card, grab my boarding pass and avoid the ticket line. But this day, I am the ticket line. So, I saunter to the counter. I hand my driver’s license to the pleasant woman in the familiar airlines-issued uniform and wait. Her fingers furiously assault the computer keyboard for a couple...

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