Month: September 2011

The Greybeard Chronicles: 50 Years of Sowing and Reaping

Listen up, kids! A half century goes by faster than you think. One minute, you’re doing a cannonball in the Brazos River. The next, you’re praying your wife does not put fifty candles on that carrot cake: Not just because of the potential wildfire they may ignite or the fact that you could singe your eyebrows while extinguishing them, but because, at this stage of your life, you need to save your breath for other things…like breathing. About 30 years ago or so, I was given a signed copy of the autobiography of one of my all-time favorite preachers: Dr. B.R. Lakin. It meant a great deal to me because it was the great evangelist himself that gave it to me as a thank you for having found his misplaced medication. He was on in years by that time and had left the pill bottle in the restroom shortly before going to the pulpit of the Westridge Baptist Church to thunder the gospel to a thousand or so preachers. It was a great night for this young preacher boy. But that’s another story. The only reason I bring it up is because of the title of the book. Written by Kenny McComas (another mighty pulpiteer and friend of mine), the book was titled, “50 Years of Plowing, Planting, Sowing and Reaping.” Now that I have put 50 years of...

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9/11: One Moment, Please

One silent moment A thing so small To offer those Whose loss was all.   One wordless prayer One teary eye One more bowed knee One last goodbye   One vow that we Whose hearts beat still Have not forgot And never will   One still, small voice Says, Do not fear I feel your pain And silence, hear...

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