Month: October 2010

The Texas Rangers and Me: It’s About Time It Was Time This Time

The Texas Rangers are— can you believe it?— but one win away from their first-ever trip to the World Series. They are one win away from sitting down the Mighty Yankees, the Bronx Bombers, Baseball’s Bullies. One win away. Just one. “It’s time.” This has been the slogan, the mantra, the battle-cry all season long from this club. “It’s about time.” This has been the thought in the back of my mind and on the tip of my tongue this entire MLB Postseason. I do not mean that in any sort of bitter sense, or in any form of exasperation. I am not rolling my eyes or wondering what took them so long. Truth is, I never much minded that my Rangers were seldom serious contenders for anything. They gave me a major league baseball team to follow and cheer and reverence when I was discovering the pure joy of playing the sport myself. As a little leaguer in Mineral Wells, Texas, I would listen to those Rangers baseball games in my bedroom at night. The AM station WBAP was scratchy, but the signal was strong, especially at night. The smooth, dulcet tones of Mark Holtz and Eric Nadel against the backdrop of crowd noise made the game come alive in my mind. I could see every pitch, every swing of the bat, every stare-down, every scratch and spit....

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My Tribute To The History-Making, ALDS-Winning 2010 Texas Rangers

It isn’t like they are baseball neophytes. They aren’t a bunch of nobodies with no history. The baseball world at large may look at the Texas Rangers as a glorified Triple A team, never a threat, no great players, sub-par management. And why not? After all, it did take the Rangers 38 years (49 if you count the time the franchise spent in Washington, DC) to win a postseason series. Why should this franchise that has languished in mediocrity garner national attention? They are, and have always been, a collection of baseball also-rans, right? Just a bunch of nobodies going nowhere. Well, no. Not exactly. In fact, the Rangers have had their share of baseball royalty don their ball cap. Seriously! It’s true. Take, for instance, the Rangers’ first skipper. He wasn’t some leftover or castoff from one of the other venerable Major League franchises. Nor was he some anonymous bench coach or minor league coach trying to make his mark at the highest level. He was, in fact, pure baseball genius. He was royalty. He was the man known as the greatest hitter who ever lived. He was Ted Williams. And he failed as a manager. He failed as a Texas Ranger. He failed to build a pennant-winning team. So did the parade of baseball legends who would follow him as manager of the Texas Rangers. Whitey Herzog,...

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An American Socialist? That is Just Plain Stupid!

Stupidity amazes me. I can stare dumbfounded, slack-jawed and wide-eyed at it for hours. It has the same hypnotic effect on my brain as a good magic trick or optical illusion. You know you should know better than to believe it, but there it is right before  your eyes. Socialists are stupid. Can there be any other conclusion? Sure, many of them are driven by high ideals. They envision a world where everyone everywhere is equally wealthy, healthy and wise. They seek a kind of heaven on earth, a Utopia, where “all God’s children” drive Mercedes’ and live on room service. (Wait! If everyone is living on room service, then who is providing the room service? Hmmmm.) It isn’t like the great Socialist experiment hasn’t been tried. Or have we forgotten the 20th Century even before we are two decades into the 21st? Didn’t we watch Russia try this? Wasn’t Cuba sort of into it, as well? And isn’t Miami rather replete with the descendants of those desperate enough to risk life and limb to get off that Island of Misery? The failure of Socialism is in its implementation. How does one spread the wealth? Well, you have to take from those who have and distribute to those who have not. I do not mean you rely on the charity of the haves. God knows, you cannot do that....

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