Month: September 2010

Islam to Christianity: “I Will See Your Nut-Case and Raise You 100,000”

The kinder, gentler Christians all berate “pastor” Terry Jones for misrepresenting Christian charity with his hateful act of burning the Quran or Koran or whatever they call that “holy” book that stimulates so much hatred in so many around the world. Other Christians feel that using the thing for kindling in the coming winter may be the only viable use it has, but still, Mr. Jones is way too focused on entirely the wrong thing. Still others think he is an attention-starved nobody who just got his 15 minutes in the sun…and may get severely burned by it. I think Terry Jones just isn’t too bright. He is a religious zealot whose ignorance generates much more heat than light. He is typical of what happens when an ignorant man with a small mind heeds “the call of God” on his life. Maybe when God told him to go plow in his fields or bring in the sheaves, he was actually referring to farming. Still, I find it extremely telling that the severest warnings from around the world have to do with the reaction of Muslims to this one goofy man’s action. Does it not tell you everything you need to know about the general state of Islam that the entire world is holding its collective breath, fully expecting rioting, murders, bombings, beheadings, and assorted random acts of violence from...

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Seven Steps to Becoming A One-Income Family (With Apologies to Autumn Giusti and Fox News)

I was perusing the news on the Internet this morning when I saw this headline: Seven Steps to Becoming a One-Income Family. I immediately understood the intended gist of the article. It was meant to help couples figure out how to trim expenses and whatnot in order to get their budget to a one-income accommodation point. The title struck me a little differently, however; and I decided to use it myself and take it in another direction entirely. So, with apologies to Ms. Autumn Giusti, here is my own version of Seven Steps to Becoming a One-Income Family: Buy into that age-old load of crap that the Democratic party is for “the little guy,” and the Republicans only care about the rich. (Truth be told, both parties lie down with wealthy donors and have their ears bent by the rich and powerful far more than by Joe Plumber or any other Average Joe.) Still, the Republican party is generally business-friendly, and that is good for business. Join the millions chanting stuff about the “change we need” while cheering wildly as international superstar, bestselling author, and political sensation B.O.  takes the stage. Vote a straight Democrat ticket, even if the candidate is that proverbial Yellow Dog…or, at least, vote for Barack Obama. Watch while your Hero subsidizes Big Business, “stabilizes” financial institutions that deserve to fail, socializes medicine, and becomes...

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This Labor Day I Went Way Back When

Yesterday was nice. Donya and I spent the day with her parents and her sister (and Jimbo). It was a slow-moving, easy-going day of banging around little curio shops in Fort Worth and Grapevine…a thing I can take or leave. The nice part was the way it felt like old times, simpler times, times when life seemed a little less stressful and I was a lot more sure of who I was and was meant to be. On the way from Cowtown to Grapevine, we swung through Haltom City, the place where Donya and I got our start in church ministry a million years ago. We drove by the apartment where we lived. We meandered down the streets of the town, streets that still feel somehow familiar. We drove by the Friendly Lane Baptist Church, which, unlike the deteriorating city itself, seems not to have changed a bit. When it was all done, we were home, and everyone but me was asleep, I tried to converse with Gene-back-then. I wanted to know if he could have imagined me. What would he have thought if he had known what he would become? What if that young preacher boy had been told in no uncertain terms that the day would come when he would not be preaching anymore? What if he had known that he would, instead, travel the United States...

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