Month: June 2010

McDonald’s, McChrystal, And Miscellaneous Mish-Mash

I haven’t ranted in awhile… What exactly constitutes news? The local Fox channel lead their nine o’clock news last night with some inane story about a guy who looks like a character from Deliverance complaining that a McDonald’s talking toy taught his kid a cuss word. His little boy said some four-letter word and the man was aghast. He asked the kid where he learned the word, so the little cusser handed him the toy. The man listened to it and then promptly contacted McDonald’s. (Apparently, he contacted Fox 4, as well.) The toy in question is a talking plastic replica of The Three Pigs from the movie Shrek. They played the toy’s voice thingamajig during the news story and the news anchors had the same giant question mark over their head I had over mine. You couldn’t understand a single word the thing said. If that kid is repeating those pigs, he doesn’t need to be scolded for saying dirty words; he needs a speech therapist. ********************************** I am no Obama supporter…not on any level at any time for anything. I suspect that if I find out he likes Dr. Pepper, I will even give that up. Still, General Stanley McChrystal, a lifetime soldier holding the highest rank and filling one of the nation’s most vital roles, knew better than to trash his Commander in Chief in, of...

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My Double Dad Blessing: A Father’s Day Card

When it comes to dads, I have been doubly blessed. First, there is the Dad I had but never appreciated until it was too late. I wish I could wish him a happy Father’s Day as a son truly grateful for the man he is, rather than as a numb skull kid who had not yet grown enough in the britches to realize what he had. Dad is gone and he isn’t coming back. I will catch up to him one of these days and then I will say the things that need saying, like, “I love you and I thank God for you.” Until then, while I am among the ones we call “the living,” I am determined not to miss the chances afforded me to say those things to the people within earshot. And that brings me to the second helping of my Double Dad Blessing — the man who has called me son since I was 18 years old…and meant it. He is my father-in-law, and he has been— in every way a man can be— a Dad to me for 30 years. Until I met Tommy Weir, I was not aware that it was possible for a man to love the one who married his daughter with every bit as much fervor and sincerity as he loved the daughter herself. Tommy has. Tommy does. Like...

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Nobody Knows Nothin’

I remember when I was a boy and hung on every word my Dad said as though it were an edict from God Himself. If Dad said it worked this way, then that’s how it worked. If he said something really meant something else, then I knew that I knew the real meaning of whatever that something was. What I didn’t know then that I am only beginning to understand now is what an enormous burden that was for him to carry…for any Dad or Mom or pastor or president or CEO of  an oil company whose mishap is dirtying the Gulf.  We expect certain people to have the answers we don’t, to know the things about which we are ignorant, to have the wisdom or insight to get us where we are going…or where we think we are going…or where we think we need to be. Sometimes, they do. Sometimes, they don’t. Sometimes, they just get lucky. Most of the time, they take the information they have and make the best decision they can. That is what the leaders of British Petroleum are doing. It is also what MacArthur and his team did in the Pacific during World War II. But for all the wisdom and intelligence associated with the American military, there were still costly miscalculations and oversights. For instance, the tiny island of Peleliu, where the...

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