Month: April 2010

April 5th, Granky Day: A Celebration of Life, Love, and Laughter If everyone knew what a few of us do, April 5 would be a national holiday. We would call it “Granky Day.” Granky Day would be a celebration of all the precious women who have lived holy lives, but refused to be “holier-than-thou.” It would be a day to celebrate a woman who exuded radiant beauty and modesty in equal parts. It would be a day to celebrate a woman whose femininity was only matched by her untiring work ethic. It would be a day to celebrate a woman whose laugh could make you laugh, even when the joke...

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One Holy Moment: This Is My Body…Take, Eat | an Easter Devotional

An Easter Devotional Communion, or the Lord’s Supper, has always been a holy and solemn event to me, thanks largely to my grandfather. I would not say that Pastor Bill Henager (my mother’s father) and I had a good many bonding moments. Ours was not the kind of grandfather/grandson relationship that led to many fishing expeditions or trips to the ballpark. He was a pastor, sure, but he was a working man. If he was awake, he was probably working. And, let me tell you, he woke up mighty early. Consequently, if you got too close to him, he...

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