Month: February 2010

Stuck Like Congress, or Stuck in Philly With a Wandering Mind

buy gabapentin online overnight delivery Here I am, stuck in Philadelphia…literally. Another Nor’Easter has blown in with a vengeance, and I am a shut-in at the Homestead Suites. Stuck. One might see the way recent weather has brought much of the Northeast, including Washington DC, to a grinding halt as a metaphor for our government. So many decry the gridlock, the inability to get anything done, the lack of a consensus as such a terrible, awful thing. I don’t. I rather appreciate the fact that there is more than one side of the aisle in the American government. I am glad there are divergent...

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Doctor Love’s Valentine’s Day Advice for Girls

Let me begin by saying I dislike Valentine’s Day and always have. I think an act of love on a random day for no particular reason has far more meaning than a bouquet of flowers, a box of candy, and a mushy card given on a day when you have no real choice but to do it. That said, every girl loves a good valentine and my girl is no different from the rest. She loves roses, assorted chocolates and sentimental greeting cards just as much as the next girl. It is a genetic predisposition for the female of...

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Sarah Palin and the Advancement of Political Correctness and Gotcha Politics

Say it isn’t so, Sarah. Please tell me you are not turning the Political Correctness cannon on the party that created it. I know that Rahm Emanuel’s use of the term “f—ing retarded” was insensitive, calloused, and hurtful to many, but was it really worth calling for his job? Must we continue to play this never-ending game of “Gotcha”? Before any of my readers— especially any with disabled children— get up in arms, let me clarify and qualify my stance here. I am not saying the word “retarded” is not a hurtful word to many. I am not saying...

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Worship is More than Good Packaging

A week or so ago, I received an email from the Editor-in-Chief of an Internet sports site to which I contribute. It was addressed to all of the Featured Columnists. He admonished us to think more about packaging and less about content when we put together our articles. He talked about using multimedia presentations, slide shows, and other creative means of packaging our work to increase interest and drive traffic. This editor talked about how the days of just writing a great article and letting it stand on its own merits are forever gone. He held up the newspaper...

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They Call Me Mr. Brightside: Finding the Positive in the Negative

Apparently, I am in danger of losing my membership in the Eternal Optimists Club due to my recent less-than-cheery communications. This is an attempt to correct my course. I have decided to list 10 negative things and look on the bright side of each. (I know I can do this.) So here goes… My truck was stolen, BUT at least no one was in it at the time. I have not been deployed to a storm since November, BUT my own house has not been hit by one either. My grandson lives in Colorado, so I cannot just see...

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