Month: June 2009


Twenty-nine. It is not a very sexy number, is it? Perhaps its only distinction is that it is one of only twenty-five prime numbers between one and 100. 29 isn’t cool like some of the other prime numbers. Take the number one, for instance. Every sports team, every salesman, every ambitious student wants to be number one. Three is the number of the Triple Crown in horse racing. The king of basketball goals is the three-pointer. There were three amigos. You have always been once, twice, three times a lady. The three daughters we have together have been our joy…and defined us as a couple. Five is indivisible, but it is every kid’s favorite factor. How cool was it when you were first able to count by fives? And what a relief was it when you counted those fingers and toes on each of our three kids? Seven is lucky. The gambler loves to hear, “seven come eleven.” And eleven is the number of men on the field for each team in earth’s greatest game. What would the world be without 13? Think of all the superstitions and corny movies we would miss. Seventeen means you are almost done with high school. Nineteen is the last year before you leave your teens and enter the horrors and challenges of adulthood. Twenty-one is coolness. So, yeah. Plenty of prime numbers...

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Hip Shots

Blackie Sherrod, One of my favorite old-time newspaper columnists, wrote a column of random observations for the Dallas Morning News . He called it Scatter-Shooting. In the column, he would offer a collection of observations, opinions, and news items that were completely unrelated. Since imitation is the finest form of flattery, I tip my hat to the old scribe and here we go… Congratulations are in order to the slim majority of American voters. The man you elected to put an end to the American system of government as we have known it is moving right along. While he diligently works on creating a nationalized banking system, he has happily accepted the role of chairman of the board for America’s largest auto maker. That fat arse sitting on the tax-payer’s shoulder just got fatter…and he isn’t going on a diet any time soon. Is anyone besides me weary of the herd mentality? Whether it is reality TV, sports, or church-building, let one group have success with a formula and suddenly everyone is adopting the formula. Is it really essential to the success of your reality TV show to have at least one judge or host with a British accent? Is the Wildcat offense really that innovative, or is it just a glorified high school option play that defenses will soon stuff with regularity, and then watch while it is...

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Boston: Reflections on a Journey

Now that I am comfortably settled back into my little nook (or cranny, if you will), I find myself prone to reflection upon our trip to Boston. I think I can best express my thoughts and feelings by suggesting and enlarging upon four words… Patriotism With the “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” sentiment clearly in our nation’s rearview mirror, a national field trip to Boston’s Freedom Trail may be just the thing to get a people drifting into the open arms and empty promises of socialism back on track.  Walking the same cobblestone streets trod by freedom fighters and leaders like John Adams, Samuel Adams, and Paul Revere awakened feelings in me I hadn’t noted since Ronald Reagan inspired me with his “shining city on a hill” passion. The men and women who chose freedom’s path over tyranny did so at great personal risk…and for many, even greater personal cost. They were labeled traitors to the Crown. They were, in many quarters, unpopular rockers of the boat called “safety and status quo.” They were not lauded and heralded as emancipators or liberty fighters until after the fact. There in Boston, the hotbed of American patriotism, I gained a greater appreciation for what these men and women of vision and principle gave to me. Pride A couple entries...

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